About Us


The Sagebrush is a family-owned and operated plant shop with a unique variety of indoor plants and cacti for every space. We opened our doors on Mother’s Day, 2019 in honor of our moms and biggest plant influencers, Somluck and Christine. Since opening, we’ve experienced nothing but love and support from the plant community. We hope to propagate and share with anyone who finds joy in cultivation. 

Our shop folk are knowledgeable and friendly with advice on all things planty. Based on a quick assessment, they’ll help pick the perfect plant based on your lifestyle and environment. Plants ordered online leave our shop with care instructions and potted in Justice’s hand-mixed substrate to ensure a proper path to success. 

If you’re just starting out, we encourage a little research prior to making your final choice to ensure your new beauty will thrive in the environment you’re working with. Beyond that, have fun and get your hands in the earth!